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I first met Brandi BraYzil Jordan through a mutual friend of ours, and since that point many years ago, I have attempted to stay informed of her whereabouts and progress in life. Brandi definitely made an impression. What I saw in her—confidence, passion, purpose, humility and goodness—was enough to pique my curiosity. Before I ever said one word to her, I understood that Brandi had the makings of what was a POWERFUL woman. She is still that same powerful woman today that I had the pleasure of meetings years ago.

Here is the story of Brandi BraYzil Jordan…


Thank you for your willingness to share a bit about yourself and your experiences with! Please tell us a little about yourself including your childhood.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with the [] audience…it is truly a pleasure. Hmmm… a little about myself? I am a woman, raised in the inner-city of Hartford, CT and suburb of Palm Bay, FL who loves every aspect of my life while residing in Orlando, FL. As a child raised in two completely different types of residential areas, I feel my experiences in both areas molded me into the savvy, understanding, optimistic, encouraging, passionate person that I am today and helps me relate to just about any person. I love travelling, enjoying life, and the people God has placed in it!

Give us an idea of where you currently are in life and how that came to be?

Currently, I am a professional, agency-represented Model, Hairstylist, Accountant, and Philanthropist who thrives to be a better me and help those around me do the same (whether I personally know them or not). I’ve done hair since I was 13 years old and made a business out of it while in college. I graduated from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) with a B.S.B.A in Accounting and began my Accounting career, a year prior to graduating college, while working as an Accounting Assistant for a CPA. Modeling was always an interest of mine and I participated in beauty pageants as a child, but obtaining my degree and a Corporate Accountant position was my main priority. Once I settled in Corporate America, I realized I needed a way to express my creativity, so I ventured into the modeling industry and became successful in the industry very quickly!

What types of challenges have you faced over the years prior to arriving where you currently find yourself?

The main challenges I faced over the years, prior to arriving where I currently am, are balancing personal and business/work life and only allowing those who are truly “for me” in my circle. I am definitely at a great place in life and no longer feel the previously mentioned challenges affect me.



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On Modeling…

So, Brandi, tell us about modeling! How did you get “discovered”? How did you “discover” yourself?!

Throughout the majority of my life, I have been asked if I model or received suggestions that I should model. I was shy as a child and still have my moments of shyness as an adult, so being in “the spotlight” was never something I longed for. I finally took a stab at modeling, after I graduated college, and fell in love. The images from my first photoshoot were used to gain representation from the first model & talent agency that I signed with…and the rest is history!

Tell us about “BraYzil”!

“Brayzil” is actually a nickname that my cousin, Kim, gave me. As a child, my mother would blow my hair out and I’d run around in a one-piece bathing suit, sneakers, and this big hair, which reminded my cousin of a Brazilian child. So, she combined my birth-name, “Brandi”, with “Brazil” and developed “Brayzil”. I used the nickname as my email address for years and the first photographer I worked with, Remy Da’Neil, began placing the name on my images. In time, “Brayzil” became my talent name.

You’re gorgeous! You’re slender! You’re tall! You definitely fit the “ideal” of what a model appears to be. Does modeling come as naturally for you as it looks?

Thank you! Honestly, yes it does. I feel modeling is a gift of talent that I’ve been blessed with. In no way is modeling easy, but it definitely comes naturally for me.

What is the worst aspect of your occupation as a model? What is the best?

The worst aspect of modeling is rejection. Rejection is something that I had to get used to because, although I am beautiful, my look does not fit every client’s project need meaning I will not book every job that I am submitted for. In the beginning, it was difficult attending a casting or go-see, thinking I did great and had the job, and not getting a callback. Now, rejection does not bother me because I have booked big jobs, small jobs, and know that I will not book EVERY job although I’d love to.

The best aspect of modeling is having a platform to inspire others. Being a positive role model is very important to me and as my modeling career developed and became more successful, more people began to notice me and who I am outside of modeling. The fact that I am spiritual, positive, and love to help others has rubbed off on several people who have reached out and expressed that I inspire them to do more whether it’s within their lives or those around them. I am truly thankful for that.


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Claude Studios

We often hear of the difficulties a woman faces moving into notoriety within various career paths. Tell us about some struggles of the modeling industry that you have personally been presented with and how you have overcome them.

The requirement to stay slim is an ongoing struggle of the modeling industry that I have personally been presented with. The need to stay slim and toned requires not only a consistent workout routine, but also requires a monitored diet. I LOVE to eat (and cook), so I ensure that I eat healthy and cook on a regular basis while treating myself to something “bad” every now and then. I also incorporate fun activities, such as Zumba and Boxing, into my workout routine so working out doesn’t seem like a chore.

OK! Within every industry, there are stereotypes and propaganda that stick within our minds. Thinking on some of those things, what stereotype of models sticks out most in your mind, and what is your take on that specifically?

The stereotype of models that sticks out the most in my mind is models are not intelligent. My take on this stereotype is it is completely inaccurate. Personally, I was on Honor Roll through grade school, received various academic awards and recognition, and received a B.S.B.A in Accounting. Most of the models I know are either working towards their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees sooooo, I’d say most models I know are rather intelligent.

How do you respond to those who might ascribe that same stereotype to you?

I would politely state that I have B.S.B.A. in Accounting, am very intelligent, own businesses, and one should never judge a book by its cover.

What has been your favorite modeling opportunity to date?

There are several favorite modeling opportunities, but the one that popped in my mind first was working as a runway model at a week-long NIKE sales event in South Beach, Miami, FL. The merchandise that we modeled was very unique and had not been released yet. Being a fan of sports and athletic apparel, especially NIKE, this job was definitely right up my alley…not to mention, having downtime relaxing by the pool at an upscale South Beach hotel!

If not the opportunity listed above, please share with us details of the experience that gave you the epiphany that you had “arrived”!!! Has that happened for you yet within your modeling career? If not, what would be the type of experience that leads to that “awakening” for you?

The NIKE experience definitely gave me the epiphany that I had “arrived” followed by a job on Home Shopping Network (HSN) as an on-air hair model for Ouidad Curl Experts. Both experiences truly showed me that my hard work was paying off and I am on the right path.

Provide an example of sacrifice that you have made for the sake of your career/goals.

An example of sacrifice that I have made for the sake of my career/goals is within my personal life. There are times that I must sacrifice going out with family and friends sometimes in order to work. With success comes sacrifice and I am open to it because the rewards are so great.

Has it all been worth it? Are you fulfilled?

Yes, it has all been worth it and I am fulfilled although I have not reached the level of success that I feel I will reach in the near future.

Overall, what is your focus? What guides you on your path?

My focus is success… success not only for myself, but also for those around me. God guides me on my path. My spiritual connection is strong and I depend on the Lord with every step I make in life.

Brandi, do you ever think to give up modeling? If so, why did you want to give up?

There was a point when I thought about giving up modeling because my career hit a brief idle point.

Why haven’t you given up?

I have not given up modeling because it is a passion of mine and although there are “seasons” in modeling where bookings may not be as frequent as we would like, things always pick up, which shows me that I am on the right path.


In Closing…

Brandi, knowing where you are now and all you have experienced up until this point, what TWO words of advice would you share with your younger self?

Don’t Quit.

What do you have in store for your future?!

There are so many things in store for my future… exciting modeling and hairstyling jobs, several charity projects/events, traveling, spending time with family and friends, etc!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I truly appreciate the opportunity to share a little bit about myself with the [] audience and I hope you all stay connected. I am an open-book and hope my life and experiences inspire and empower you all to achieve whatever it is that you are passionate about. Much success and blessings to you all!

Thank you again Brandi for sharing with us and for shedding a bit of light on the details behind modeling . We look forward to staying in touch with you throughout the future, so please continue to update us on your progress and we will do the same!



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“The best aspect of modeling is having a platform to inspire others. Being a positive role model is very important to me and as my modeling career developed and became more successful, more people began to notice me and who I am outside of modeling. The fact that I am spiritual, positive, and love to help others has rubbed off on several people who have reached out and expressed that I inspire them to do more whether it’s within their lives or those around them. I am truly thankful for that.”

– Brandi BraYzil Jordan

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